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view near Lake Sevan
...prettiest house in the center!
first view of our building (for sale)
kitchen progress
new kitchen tiles
plastering process
bathroom tiles
old stairway
winter scene
future blue room
new doors and picture window
Tatevik showing two 750-liter water tanks
visitors from California
plaster truck
Tatevik & Mom supervising
Tatevik's Dad supervising
new bunkbeds arriving
Tatevik's parents displaying 16 mattresses
outdoor resting place
finished product
happy American
"honeymoon" room
girls' bathroom
guest bathroom
new entrance door
Inspection team
first look at new burgundy floor tiles
Dr.Kaarina and Tatevik
mission (almost) accomplished!
Bill and Ghazar
working on inside stairway
finished product!
Tsovagyugh village
unfinished hotels near the lake
(legacy of the Soviet era)
no explanation needed!
master welder
balcony rail design
...feeling of accomplishment!
balcony tiles
finished balconies
(a long time coming!)
first historic picture on balcony!
Gagik at work
child protection
inside rail
inside rail
basement stair
basement stair

2016 March - LIGHTHOUSE Cleaning day

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2013 October - LIGHTHOUSE Cleaning day

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2011 September - LIGHTHOUSE Cleaning day

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