Our Mission

HOPE Armenia Ministries is our registered name in the USA.
Way of HOPE is our registered name in Armenia.

January 2006 marked the beginning of our new focus in Armenia.

God confirmed this important new step in several ways:

First, through an awareness of the huge vacuum in youth-related outreach all across the former Soviet republics---including Armenia---in the wake of the failed Soviet experiment.  Armenian young people have been impacted by an awareness of historic Christianity; yet for many decades, atheistic Marxist-Leninist ideology was used to override this long-standing faith heritage.

Second, through an awareness of the spiritual responsiveness in Armenian society---particularly among young people.  One analyst has said that religion hangs very loosely on Armenian youth.  Yet despite a mainly nominal (in name only) commitment to historic faith as the first official Christian nation---301 A.D., many are eager to better understand the unique claims of Christ and learn how to apply the traditionally respected Scriptures to their daily lives.

Third, through a desire to listen closely and obey God’s gracious, still, small voice.  During these first few years, an organizational footing has been established, on which we can mobilize young Christian leaders to reach out in various ways and build effective channels for ministry.

Way of HOPE programs:

  1. Kids' Planet Sunday School
  2. youth programs 
  3. young adult programs
  4. adult Bible studies
  5. adult Bible study retreats
  6. training seminars
  7. annual HOPE Family celebrations
  8. annual HOPE Family excursions to historic churches
  9. summer youth day camps
  10. Project PAROS summer short-term opportunities

Project PAROS 2016
Armenian - American Team

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